5 Questions Every Search Committee Should Ask Themselves

Here are five questions every search committee should ask itself. These questions were designed to search for CEO’s, but they apply to all jobs. This is the first of 3 articles.

These are from Boardwalkconsulting.com, with my comments. You should read their entire post and download their article here.

1. How do we define success?

This about the success of the organization, as opposed to the success of the candidate [see below] or of the search committee itself.

2.  What worries us the most?

This is an interesting question. I have always asked this when interviewing customers or grantors. They will answer, “Nothing.” Then, exactly 19 minutes later, they will say, “You know that question you asked earlier? The one that asks about what keeps us up at night. Well, I am most concerned about…”

You should discuss this from the organization’s point of view and from the search committee’s viewpoint.

Your search committee should understand this before even beginning the search.

3. How much change can we stand?

Do you want the successful candidate to be a high-energy mover and shaker, or are you looking for a caretaker. Too many champions of change can be difficult to manage. Sort of like herding cats.

4. How can our new employee add the most value?

Are you looking for great or improved execution or are you looking for improved effectiveness? Do you know the difference? What is the first mountain you want them to conquer? What is the most important?

5. How can we ensure the new employee’s success?

What can you do to help, especially in the transition?


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