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Somerset Conference

Jobs I Hate: Evaluating the Executive Director

Annual performance evaluations are one of the worst tools ever invented. They distract from real-time performance, they are often backward focused, and the objectives for next year are usually overtaken by events before the toner dries. Even worse, they can be completely demoralizing if they include surprise criticism. Continue reading Jobs I Hate: Evaluating the Executive Director

Wrong My RIght Way

It’s Easier to Do It the Right Way

Many years ago I attended a precinct meeting in Texas for one of the political parties. The primary (pun?) purpose of the meeting was to elect delegates to the state convention. About 80% of the attendees were supporters of a certain favorite presidential candidate.

The precinct chairman, who looked to be just out of college, pulled out his list of delegates and said, “Let’s elect this list by acclamation.” Most seemed were in agreement.

Just then a grizzled old fart gentleman with overalls and a 5-day beard yelled from the back, “Let’s just do it right!” Continue reading It’s Easier to Do It the Right Way

Due Process. What is It? and Why Do You Need It?

Signing of the Magna CartaDue Process is a phrase that arose from Chapter 39 of the Magna Carta in 1215. The exact phrase was first used in a restatement in 1354. It is fundamental to the purposes of that document and to the operation of a democracy. It limits the power of those in authority to operate in an arbitrary (read, tyrannical) manner and forces them to use the rule of law. Continue reading Due Process. What is It? and Why Do You Need It?


Give Them Permission to Act

Do your people, staff and volunteers, feel they have permission to act when they see an issue?

I recently wrote two posts on delegation, Delegate or Die and How to Delegate, that laid out the reasons you must delegate and gave the steps to delegation.

Giving permission to talk outside their department silo and then giving permission to act on their own are important elements of delegation. Continue reading Give Them Permission to Act